A New Beginning 


In 2018, as a result of a potential lawsuit resulting from possible ethnic inequality in the representation of the Governing School Board, the Westminster School District Board of Trustees voted to move to by-area elections for future School Board seats.  Initially, the Board voted on a Green Map sequence that neglected Area 2--an area of Westminster with a high level of ethnic (and likely underrepresented) minorities. Instead the Board voted to defer the opportunity of representation for Area 2 until November of 2020 and, rather, keep an upcoming seat filled by an incumbent who would, with her board counterpart, doubly represent Area 1.

The community responded with strong dissent and attended future meetings to show their discontent for the blatant lack of equitable representation.  Parents, teachers, and other community members dressed in white to show their solidarity, and emphatically demanded that the Board resequence the seats and allow Area 2 to have its representation as soon as November 2018.  After many weeks of community outcry, the Board majority did the right thing in a contentious 3-2 vote and secured Area 2 with a seat and a voice at the table!

Today, the same parents, teachers, and community leaders who fought to bring representation for Area 2 are now spreading the message that Virginia Torres is the right leader to represent the families and students of the community.  Virginia IS the servant leader that we trust to be the voice of this great community she has called home for 60+ years. Join 500+ teachers as well as parents, students, and community leaders in supporting Virginia Torres for Westminster School Board, Area 2!