About Virginia


It all started when…

I spent 34 years as a public-school teacher, and I know what it is like in today’s classroom.  I understand the challenges students face, and understand that it takes strong dedication and high expectations to prepare students for the 21st Century.  As a lifelong Westminster resident of Area 2, and a product of Westminster Schools, I know our community and care deeply about its future.

Westminster schools have made good educational progress. WSD is working toward an excellent vision with high expectations for students, but I believe we can do better. My vision is to prepare all students to be lifelong learners and well-adjusted, informed global citizens.

I believe that the WSD School Board should engage parents and teachers in open, on-going communication. Working together in partnership will provide the very best quality education and ensure student success.  WSD must do its due-diligence for the community to maintain fiscal responsibility, transparency, and accountability. By working together, we can achieve more!